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Meet the Founder

Calvin Cormier

With Forty years of experience our Founder Calvin Cormier remembers when he first made his decision to become a Welder. This decision involved a back and forth struggle between becoming a pilot and a welder. When Mr. Cormier introduced the idea of becoming a welder to his mother, she mentioned the cost to produce that career. Mr. Cormier moved to his second option which was welding. He remembers his mother saying, well with that career you can get burned. He told his mother you should know and understanding what your doing within everything you do. It took much time persuading to her, but eventually came up with an agreement, and his mother cosigned. As time went by, Mr. Cormier was tested at a facility of piping and made the qualification test. Maintaining his skills, Mr. Cormier was able to gain his certification.  With years on the job Mr. Cormier gained a great deal of experience. In the early years Mr. Cormier started off a a pipe welder. Throughout his career his continued to work in the oilfield, manufacturing, petrochemical, and earned several more certifications. These certifications involved all processes of welding such as Stick welding, Mig welding, Tig welding, flux core welding, and submerge arc welding. Mr. Cormier was also given an award as Teacher of the Year as the Lead Instructor at a well known Welding School.

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